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Personal Fundraising

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Whatever your connection is to stroke, you have a story.

Now, it's time to tell it.


Personal fundraising is a unique online fundraising tool that allows any stroke champion to raise funds for National Stroke Association while also telling people about a personal experience with stroke and why you believe in stroke as a cause.

It's an interactive, easy way to engage friends, family and others by setting up a webpage specific to your stroke story, setting a fundraising goal and providing you with tools to promote your goal. Create your own webpage or support an existing one.

Telling your story is also another way to spread awareness about stroke. Stroke will touch 795,000 people in 2011 while only four percent of patients will be appropriately treated. Most people are unaware of these startling statistics because the public is dangerously misinformed about stroke. Any effort to raise awareness about stroke is a valuable one. With your help as a stroke champion and fundraiser, we can continue educating about stroke prevention, how to appropriately treat it and how to improve quality of care.

Your fundraising efforts for National Stroke Association allow the organization to positively impact the health and lives of people in the United States by preventing stroke, improving care and enhancing quality of life after stroke through advocacy, education and service.

Get Started! 

Create your Personal Fundraising page by clicking on the Create a Fund button and: 

  • Follow the easy instructions to complete your Personal Fundraising Page.
  • Personalize the page with photos and a special story.
  • Your Personal Web page will be live online when you finish.
  • Email your friends, family and colleagues to share your Web page.
  • Use the Champion Center button to update your page at any time.


Not ready to start your own webpage, but interested in participating in someone else's effort? Use the Find a Fund button above to search for an existing Personal Fundraising Page