Welcome to My 2012 Act FAST for Stroke Challenge Page


In October of 2009, my nephew Thomas was born. His first night alive, nurses noticed he was having seizures and he was transported to Childrens' Hospital in Boston. It was there that doctors determined he had had a stroke. Miraculously he not only survived, but is thriving with few side effects, and is far exceeding doctors expectations and goals. Seeing him today, you would not even know he is a stroke survivor. Raising awareness of strokes and the fact that they can effect people of all ages, can help save more lives from stroke! 

I am raising funds for the 2012 Act FAST for Stroke Challenge because strokes can be prevented, but only if we act now.

I can help make that happen? with your support.

National Stroke Association is dedicated to reducing the incidence of stroke, and making life better for stroke survivors and their families. They help people learn how to protect themselves from stroke, and make sure healthcare professionals know about the latest lifesaving treatments.

I?m committed to making a positive difference during National Stroke Awareness Month.

With your support, we can help reach the more than 100,000 people at risk of dying of stroke this year, before it's too late.

Please join me by making a donation or learning the signs of stroke. 


Katie Neal-Rizzo