2017 Comeback Trail - DC

My Mom, Evette Boykin
My Mom, Evette Boykin

Evette's Warriors

My warrior, my mother, Evette Boykin is the reason I am participating in the National Stroke Association’s Comeback Trail 5K walk.  Thursday, March 21, 2013, started out as a normal day, but, life as I knew it was about to be forever changed.  While on the way to work, my mother had a brain aneurysm on the train.  Luckily, she survived, thanks to her own quick thinking, and a Good Samaritan that provided assistance and called 911.  After the ruptured aneurysm was clipped, the neurosurgeon informed my family that she actually had three aneurysms in her brain, and she would require an additional surgery to clip the two remaining aneurysms before they ruptured as well.  In April 2013, my mother underwent another brain surgery to clip the remaining aneurysms, and unfortunately, she suffered a severe stroke after that surgery, which caused severe brain damage and a coma.  Despite this tremendous setback, my mother used her remaining strength to fight and began showing signs of improvement.  Even when my mother was moved to a nursing home, she continued to persevere and improve slowly, but surely.  Despite her improvement, my mother suddenly contracted a virus, which traveled to her heart and ultimately caused her death.  My mother was a wonderful, strong, beautiful person whose caring, positive spirit continues to live on through my family and me.  I am honored to walk in memory of Evette Boykin.

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Comeback Trail 2016

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

- Helen Keller

Welcome to our team page. 

We came together as a team for Comeback Trail - Washington D.C. because we believe that we are stronger together. We combined efforts to raise awareness for stroke and funds to support the stroke community.  On April 22 we will join with hundreds of other people on the Comeback Trail to celebrate the journey of physical, mental and spiritual recovery after stroke.

You can support us by joining our team and walking or running with us on April 22 or by making a donation on behalf of our team. Our goal is to raise $1,000 as a team. Together we will make an impact on the stroke community including the nearly 7 million survivors in the U.S .and their circle of support. An impact greater than each of us could make alone.

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