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2017 Comeback Trail - DC

Team Sassy

Dear friends, family and supporters,

 Thank you for taking a moment to check out Team Sassy page for the National Stroke Association. The Comeback Trail is a walk/fun run event to raise stroke awareness and celebrate the journey of coming back strong after stroke.

This will be my first event as a stroke survivor.

 January 22, 2016, at the age of 28, I had a stroke. I thought I had simply sat up too fast, but then I lost complete control over the left side of my body, I had vertigo, double vision and was violently ill. I was admitted to Virginia Hospital Center, where I was there for six days. The first night I was in the hospital I was told I had MS. After my first MRI it was unclear if I had MS or if I had had a stroke, but after more testing it was confirmed that I had suffered a stroke. In my six days at the hospital I had 5 MRI’s, an MRA, a CT scan, a spinal tap, a TEE, an EKG and what feels like every blood test known to man.

 I am extremely fortunate. My physical effects post-stroke only required a few months of physical therapy. I have said so many times that I wish I had a scar to show for this. A scar to show doctors, friends, family and peers. So much of my recovery has been, and still is, mental, and like so many others, I have had a hard time putting into words what I can and can not do anymore. I have been unable to physically show anyone how much I was hurting, or what I am feeling, or how I have changed. 

 Every recovery is unique. I am proud to start fundraising for the National Stroke Association, to help raise awareness and to support fellow survivors during their journeys of recovery. This event will take place April 22—on my one year and three-month anniversary and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate. 

 Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page and to read my story. I hope you consider donating and/or joining Team Sassy!



Sarah Labadie

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Comeback Trail 2016

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

- Helen Keller

Welcome to our team page. 

We came together as a team for Comeback Trail - Washington D.C. because we believe that we are stronger together. We combined efforts to raise awareness for stroke and funds to support the stroke community.  On April 22 we will join with hundreds of other people on the Comeback Trail to celebrate the journey of physical, mental and spiritual recovery after stroke.

You can support us by joining our team and walking or running with us on April 22 or by making a donation on behalf of our team. Our goal is to raise $1,000 as a team. Together we will make an impact on the stroke community including the nearly 7 million survivors in the U.S .and their circle of support. An impact greater than each of us could make alone.

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