2017 Comeback Trail - DC

Stroke My Heart
Stroke My Heart

Comeback Stride With Nicki k

Hello My name is Nicole Buckmon,

And I had a stroke July 8th 2015!!!! On January 10th, 2015 I took ill at work and was rushed to the E.R, where they found nothing. From there on,I kept being sick with respiratory problems, that kept seeming like I had a cold. This was an on and off issue for months,until July 8th, 2015 I suffered a Ischemic Stroke..Once again,doctors told me,"I have no known health issues, I'm young and am in great physical shape”. I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy! Two days later I found out that I had actually suffered a stroke. It took 4 months of testing before my doctors found out that I had a mass growing on the back of my heart; this stemmed from my Aortic Valve leaking. On November 30th 2015,I had emergency Open Heart surgery. On June 5th 2016 had another stroke this time a Hemorrhagic Stroke, I am recovering well,but this is just going to be a long road before I am back to the runner and workout queen I once was! My unique story has now made me apart of the zipper club. I want to Thank the team of Doctors that SAVED MY LIFE.. Dr. Shetty and Dr. Rostigo my Cardiology team,Dr. Oshinsky my Neurologist, And my AMAZING Surgeon Dr. James Brown.


Nicole Buckmon

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Comeback Trail 2016

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

- Helen Keller

Welcome to our team page. 

We came together as a team for Comeback Trail - Washington D.C. because we believe that we are stronger together. We combined efforts to raise awareness for stroke and funds to support the stroke community.  On April 22 we will join with hundreds of other people on the Comeback Trail to celebrate the journey of physical, mental and spiritual recovery after stroke.

You can support us by joining our team and walking or running with us on May 6 or by making a donation on behalf of our team. Our goal is to raise $1,000 as a team. Together we will make an impact on the stroke community including the nearly 7 million survivors in the U.S .and their circle of support. An impact greater than each of us could make alone.

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