My reasons for supporting the work of the National Stroke Association - please join me!

My dad and step-mother on cruise to Alaska
My dad and step-mother on cruise to Alaska

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Hello friends and family,

 In 2002, one month before my wedding, my father had a sudden, massive stroke and passed away.  Even while dealing with my grief, as a speech language pathologist, it was clear to me that the general public and many medical professionals did not know enough about stroke.  When  my stepmother and I visited  his physician shortly after his death, the physician asked me which side of the brain is responsible for language functions. He then said he couldn’t understand why my dad had had a stroke, given that he was taking aspirin daily. My stepmother corrected him, saying that he was taking Tylenol.   As I am sure you know, Tylenol has no stroke -preventing properties.

 My stepmother had had a mild stroke several years before, while they were traveling abroad. My dad couldn’t say enough good things about all the great care and support they received in the United Kingdom and when  transporting my stepmother back home.  I wish he had learned to receive some of that support himself.   I wish he had lived to receive some of that support himself. 

Since that time, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances have had strokes.  Of course, I am witness to this  with increasing frequency, because I have entered my 60s , as have many of those close to me.  When this has occurred, I have continued to be surprised at the lack of knowledge about stroke.   I always find myself referring people to the National Stroke Association‘s website because it has such wonderful resources for survivors, families, professionals and the general public. 

I am raising awareness and celebrating stroke survivors - a charity event that supports the National Stroke Association. This 5K walk/fun-run empowers stroke survivors and caregivers to #ComebackStrong. I have set a fundraising goal to support the stroke rehabilitation and prevention efforts of the National Stroke Association.

Please support me, and the 7 million stroke survivors in the United Sates, by making a donation today as a sponsor for this event. Together, we can empower survivors and caregivers as they come back strong from stroke  and we can educate the professionals and general public, as they interact with survivors and their families. 

Did you know?

That's why I'm participating, will you join me?

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