Find Your Legislators

You have three individuals who represent you at the federal level (in Congress)—one representative and two senators. Additionally, you typically have two individuals who represent you at the state level (in your state’s legislature)—one state representative and one state senator.

You may be asked to enter your full nine-digit zip code in order to identify your legislators. That’s because some legislative districts split across areas covered by the more commonly used five-digit zip codes. If you need the last four digits, you will be asked for that information after you click “Go.” Also, you’ll be given the option to look up those last four digits if you don’t know them already.

A list of your federal legislators will appear on the page, including their contact information and a link to their individual website. In order to reveal your state legislators, click the tab titled “Show All” located just above the list of legislators. Your state legislators will be listed below your federal legislators with similar information.

Quick Links to Official Government Web sites

The most effective advocates take time to learn about their elected officials. To find out what your legislators are working on and most interested in, visit their websites and review the Advocacy Toolkit.

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