Young Stroke Survivor on "Boston Med" TV Show

Medical Bills Pile High For New Hampshire Family

The struggles for a young stroke victim from New Hampshire featured on "Boston Med" Thursday are far from over.

"I'm like, 'Something's wrong with my daughter. Something's wrong with my daughter,'" mother Melissa MacPhee said. "Then all of a sudden, she didn't know who I was."

Caitlyn MacPhee's trip to the hospital was not her first.

"A blood vessel in the brain had popped," Caitlyn's father Vernon MacPhee said. "The pressure could kill her."

The bleeding in her brain when she was only 4 came out of the blue -- two years after she'd been diagnosed with kidney troubles.

Seventeen months later, she is out of the hospital.

"I had to prove to them that I knew how to take care of Caitlyn before they let me go home," Melissa MacPhee said.

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