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Tina G.


Life's Journey as a Caregiver to a Stroke Survivor 

Through hard work, determination, and GOD, as our refuge, Jeff is improving daily and becoming stronger.

February 21, 2014 began as a normal day. My husband, Jeff, left to work on a painting job. Three hours later he drove himself home somehow. From noon on, I kept trying to get him to respond. He was clinching both fists and moving his feet. He was lethargic and was acting as if he was very tired. He would sleep a while, get up and stagger to the bathroom. That evening he ate a few bites of supper. He could hear me, but he could not answer. I have not have been around a stroke victim, I assumed he was overly tired. He had gotten up a few mornings, talking about being tired and not a having a lot of energy and a being a little light headed. Late that evening I had to hold onto him, his right side was becoming numb and he was not able to walk. He collapsed in the bathroom. I called two male friends to help get him downstairs to go to the hospital. At that point he was completely dead weight. He was carried and put in a vehicle. We arrived at the Hospital emergency room. They did an EKG, Chest X-Ray, and a cat scan. Upon arriving his BP was 256/140. He didn't have headache or any pain. The cat scan showed a left intraparenchymal hemorrhage (Blood on the brain) a blood vessel weakens and finally ruptures and begins flooding that side of the brain, with right hemiparesis. As blood fills, parts of your brain start shutting down. After results, we were sent to a Trauma Hospital by ambulance, at 1:30 am we arrived. The first few days were very crucial. Using and trying different BP Meds to regulate his BP.

We spent 24 days total in the Hospital. He was in NICU for 4 days, from there 2 days in a step-down unit. On February 27th, he went to rehab. On March 1st, they got Jeff up to try and walk. He walked with a walker and a cane with assistance. On March 4th he was walking with help, the therapist holding on to the outside and letting him walk around the hospital. He did quite a bit of walking, On March 18th, he walked out of the hospital. He is a Walking, Talking Miracle. So many that were there in the rehab before he was, and still were there when we left. They were still not yet walking or talking. WE GIVE GOD ALL THE HONOR AND GLORY for the healing He has done for Jeff. For daily awakenings in his mind, emotional, physical, and mental improvements daily. Jeff is here only by the GRACE OF GOD. God still has a purpose and a plan for him. We know Jeff was on death's door. Those first few days are an awareness going on, but a sense of peace. Your mind is quiet and you feel no concern or worry about yourself and your body. Through hard work, determination, and GOD as our refuge, Jeff is improving daily and becoming stronger. May 21st will be our three month anniversary of a day we will never forget....


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