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Gayzella W.


In The Gym

I encountered a mini stroke in the gym while weight lifting on 9 November 2013. I didn't think it was possible because of my age and fitness level. I realized largest that a stroke has no rhyme or reason for choosing is victems.

The week of November 9th I hadn't felt very well but attributed a series of dizzy spells and nausea to anemia. On Saturday 9 November I was surprised that I awoke feeling great. Since I had been sick all week I decided to go to the gym to do light weight lifting. 5 minutes into my routine I was completely spent, panting, clamy, sweating and dizzy. I grabbed a bar next to me right before I went head first towards a pair of racked barbells. My right hand held on and I slid down to the floor hunched over.

I had no idea why I felt so out of breath and why the dizziness had progressed. I thought to myself "I'm having a medical alert". I tried to call for help but could not speak. My eyes rolled back and I could not pen them no matter how hard I tried. I began to throw up on myself and people around me realized that something was wrong. All I could think was that I was dying.

I later learned that I had a mini stroke that caused damage to both sides of my cerebellum. The recovery is progressing with some setbacks but I am determined to work hard and succeed. Strokes have no rhyme or reason for who they choose to attack. Positive thinking after a stroke makes all of the difference in recovery.


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