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Jackson C.


On February 19, 2011, our son 8 year old son Jackson, suffered an ischemic stroke. He had been playing basketball that morning and felt fine. A few hours later he complained of a stomach ache. Not long after, he had a terrible headache, began vomiting and collapsed. About 14 hours and 3 hospitals later, Jackson was given an MRI and we were told he'd had a stroke. Jackson spent the next month in a pediatric hospital, going through two surgeries and beginning therapy. Next he transferred to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and was there for another month doing therapy. Two and a half years later, Jackson still sees doctors at RIC almost every month and does therapy there about four times a year. Jackson also sees local therapists for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy and attends school on a part time basis. Jackson was able to keep up with his class and is now in the sixth grade. This past summer during therapy at RIC, Jackson ran for the first time since his stroke. His left arm, hand and fingers are what give him the most trouble. He gets very frustrated because his left arm still doesn't work right, but continues to amaze us with his passion for recovery.


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