Katie S.


I Already Knew

Hello my name is Katie I had my second child on April 23, 2013. On April 30th of 2013 I had a cardiologist appointment just a check up to make sure all was fine because my blood pressure rised a little after giving birth so I decided just to get checked to make sure all was ok. I went in and shortly after having my vital signs checked and the nurse walked out, I felt the right side the nerve on the right side of my head move it was really strange, then my right arm started to move up and down uncontrollably. I was able to get up from the chair walk to the door and open it with my right hand with no problem and call for the doctor. Doctor walked in and asked if I could lay on the bed again I was able to get up from my chair and walk to the bed with no problem once I was on the bed that's when I realized I could no longer feel my right side of my body. But I was surprisingly calm and before anyone said anything I already knew what had happened.

EMT arrived and took my clear across town to the farthest hospital instead of taking me to the one right next door to them I will never understand why. When I arrived they took a CS and discovered that I had a blood clot in my head. My family then had a hard choice to make because I had just had a cesarian 7 days before so if they gave me the blood busting medication they said I could bleed to death but if I didn't take it I could stay paralysed for the rest of my life. After my mom talking to her good friend who is a obgyn he said if I started to bleed out. I was given the medication and 2 hours later regained some movement in my leg 7 hours later regained some movement in my arm and thank the good lord I did not bleed out... & months later I am able to walk and have almost mastered jogging. My arm works well as do my fingers but typing is a little slow. But that's ok because I am here for my children. I'll continue to work on myself and its changed my eating habits and my outlook on life. If anyone is wondering it was not my blood pressure that caused my stroke doctors said during the healing process I developed a blood clot from my c section that made its was to my head they said my veins cuagualated.. I hope my story brings a little inspiration to some people.. Just remember to never give up and that there is LIFE AFTER STROKE!!!!

We were given a second chance at life so lets make it worth it!


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