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Duran A.


I Am a Survivor

My name is Duran Armprester and I am a stroke survivor.

On July 27, 2013 about 10:45pm I suffered an ischemic stroke while preparing for bed. I was at my computer checking my email when all of a sudden my right arm began to tingle followed by numbness then limp and paralyzed. The right side of my face became numb and twisted and I could no longer open my mouth. My wife, who was in the bathroom when I got her attention quickly called 911 and shortly after paramedics arrived to take me to Eden Medical Center which is about ten to fifteen minutes away.

After arriving at the hospital I was eventually giving a tPA treatment and fortunately that reversed my symptoms. There was no known cause for my stroke, I don't smoke, drink or have a history of drugs use so my stroke was a real shocker and quite a mystery to behold. All of my life I have been relatively healthy and the only other time I can recall being bed ridden was having chickens pocks as a child.

Nonetheless, after getting my wife's attention she quickly called 911 and in no time at all paramedics arrived on the scene and hurriedly transported me to Eden Medical Center which is about 10 to fifteen minutes from my home driving. Once I arrived at the hospital I can remember being giving a tPA treatment and my symptoms began to reverse and subside. I spent a week in the hospital before doctors discovered the cause of my stroke. I was told that I had a hole in my heart that did not close after birth. As a result I had a blood clot that made its way to my brain causing the stroke. The next thing I knew I was at another medical facility having a PFO procedure to close the hole.

It has been a month since my stroke and I am now in recovery. I thank God for my healing because so many don't get the second chance that I have been given. After my experience I know what it's like not to be able to move or speak in the way the average person takes their ability for granted. As a result I want to make a difference to help bring awareness to strokes working with whoever is willing to jump on board and make a positive difference.


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