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Brenda B.

Family & Caregiver

My New Life with my Hubby

Hello my name is Brenda. My husband had a stroke on June 02 /05, Neil was 49 years old.

Neil my best friend still my best friend. Neil was a mech of 35 years. In June of 05 our life change big time. Neil went to work came home and next day BANG there he was sick I took him to the CR hospital and next thing I know he was fighting for his life.

They took Neil for a ct scan and are dr told me to come here so I did and he show me the exray of Neil brain it was black I said what that and then he told me Neil had a bad stroke and it call a frontlobe stoke I said what the hell is that..Here we go my Neil can not cry, or sometimes he will I did this but he did not. Neil has a bad heart and they in 2 years they put a pacemaker in him. So my life as a wife change big time. But he here today with me and I call this a new life. My heart goes out to the caregiver and to who had a stroke. Hang in and take life and hang on I did. I love my best friend of 38 years.

Thank you, Brenda.


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