Cheryl L.



I was a very active 43 year old. Married for 23 years to a man that is absolutely amazing. Three children 26, 22, and 21 and two grandsons. But I was always in a rush for everything. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 25 and been on hormone therapy ever since. I started trying the pellets hormone therapy. I felt great, a new person. I felt like I was in my twenty's. I had some headaches for a few months. Some were pretty intense. I had to take 8 Tylenol to touch the headaches. Went to the doctor and they put me on something for migraines. On June 11, 2013 my right side became weak. I went to the doctor, they sent me to hospital and was taken by ambulance to Louisville, Jewish hospital. I couldn't move my right side. Taken to the ICU I suffered a second stroke but on my other side just 9 days later. 3 MRIs later and blood work they couldn't determine why only that it was hormones. I lay in bed for three weeks, one week inpatient rehab and I was ready to go home. All the things they did in rehab I could and will do at home. After a week on the walker I was told to go without it. I am starting my 7th week home, therapy twice weekly and very grateful. My family has been wonderful. My husband is my rock. I have taken the year off from work and still have problems with speech, swallowing, and walking. I am coming along slow but working very hard to get back. Along with therapy I have been working out, like working out via video or walking on treadmill.

Walking has been very special to me, heck just washing, drying and curling my hair is important to do by myself. My mom and daughter helped me while in the hospital and at home. For me its a very long road but I'm determined to get back. For anyone seeing this seriously hang in there, take your time.


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