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Mark E.


Too Young

I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage at 52, while at home

On August 2,2013 while getting ready for bed, I felt sick and was in the bathroom and felt the need to vomit, suddenly I had a pounding headache that just got more severe, I fell to the ground in extreme pain, I was able to crawl out of the bathroom and call my wife, who came to my aid.

I knew from being a police officer and being on hundreds of EMS calls something was seriously wrong, I had my wife call an Ambulance.

I was able to make it to the stairs when I was hit with sensitivity to light and sound. When the ambulance arrived I was not with it but relayed the headache and sensitivity to light and sound.

They loaded me up, started an IV and suggested the local stroke center. I don't recall much after that. I became some what awake at the ER as they did a spinal puncture and heard the Doctor say there was blood in my spinal fluid.

I blacked out again and when I woke up I was in ICU. The nurses and doctors were working on me. I had several tests the next day, I was told about the stroke. I credit the EMS, Doctor and Nurses in ICU for saving my life.

Back home now and still get headaches and fatigue, a bit of short term memory issues, but I am doing much better. More doctors appointments this week.

I can not stress the importance of recognizing the signs of a stroke and fast EMS response, time counts.

Thank You
Mark Eckert
Camillus NY


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