Pat H.


MAY 2013  "today"   (April 30th on)

I am a stroke survivor of 7 strokes and multiple mini strokes which affects everything.  Here is my poem:

The silence it seems different

I get pains in my head

My eyes are blurred

My pulse is fast

I didn't want to rise at first

I speak aloud di dum di dah

I manage that ok

Although I feel quite shaky

It's not my kind of day

I find it more difficult

to force myself to go

Whether it's to meet a friend

or shopping I don't know

Today I'm feeling quite depressed

For I don't want to die

I have so many things to do

They mustn't pass me by

Should I press my care button?

A thing I never do

In any case they've changed my keys

So that's a real to-do

Drink my tea with fingers crossed

Take my pills

Not all is lost


Pat Hursey, London England

This is me as I am these days.  Thankyou for "listening"



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