Paul O.


Stroke in Kenya

My Name is Paul Otiato from Kenya, I had 2 strokes. The first one was several years ago and was caused by hypertension. It lasted for 2 years and regained my speech. Shortly afterwards, I stopped my medication because I couldn't afford them any more! Then the second stoke came in full force. It left me as I am now:

drooling saliva from the mouth
paraplegia -left side of the body paralyzed
the unsymmetrical shape of the mouth
lost speech four years down the line
impaired my eyesight - went for eye surgery but still I see with difficulties
I don't have balance, my posture especially the face and the body language is lost completely, I don't eat properly due to swallowing problem and my teeth have no biting strength, my tongue is pushed backwards as a result, my mouth is not well shaped -Finally, I have poor mobility due to hemiplegia

I am on this medications asprin and nifellete/proponalol everyday. I have registered with national council for people with disabilities in Kenya but its not forthcoming. I have a family that are struggling to sustain my life. I am not a rich person and that means no medical insurance and poor living conditions here in Kenya - but I am lucky to be alive. I am looking for help in getting my condition better. I don't have any resources to help with my condition. I have to go a few miles to get a cybercafé to send or receive emails - I don't know why I am still alive but I know God has a purpose for me.

Thank you
Paul Otiato


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