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Alexandra M.


Twenty four year old professional figure skater Alexandra Murphy (American) suffered a stroke after finishing a show onboard a cruise ship. One month later, after emergency heart surgery, she went on to win Holland's Skating with the Stars!

Whilst working onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships, professional figure skater Alexandra Murphy suffered a major stroke. On November 6th, 2012, immediately following the Navigator of the Seas ice show, her hand began to go numb. Figuring it had something to do with just performing the show, she began to ignore it. While undressing and putting costumes away, she realized she could no longer feel her hand...or her arm...and could no longer speak. Slowly the numbness went to her foot, leg, and face.

After being rushed down to the medical facilities onboard the ship, it was determined that this 24-year-old was having a stroke. The following morning she was evacuated off the coast of Africa and sent to a hospital to spend a week and a half on land alone undergoing tests. Concluding that it could have been a migraine, or a panic attack, or at worst a TIA, the doctors sent her back to the US for more tests.

After days and days of invasive testing, it was determined that Alexandra had a hole in her heart and she had in fact had a full stroke. If not for the right place and right time, she would have suffered paralyzation. Immediately she was taken into surgery to repair the hole and given a small umbrella device in the back of her heart. Being an elite athlete, the hole had not shown up on any EKG tests.

She recovered for a week at home and then immediately decided to get back on the horse!

Less than one month after leaving the hospital, Alexandra traveled to Amsterdam where she competed in "Sterren Dansen op het Ijs"---Holland's Stars Dancing on Ice. She was paired up with celebrity partner Tony Wycynski and went on to win the entire competition!

On February 9th, about three months to the day of her stroke, and less than three months from her surgery, Alexandra won the entire show, becoming a household name in Holland.

To see links to the show and Alexandra speak about her stroke, check out www.youtube.com/user/sterrendansen.


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