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Jodi M.


Put it in a bubble; and blow it away

In today's life everything is hustle and bustle. My life was the same. For two weeks before my stroke happened I didn't feel right, but I kept going and just put it off to being busy and my crazy schedule. The morning my stroke happened I drove to work, like every other morning, by the time I got to my office I found that I had lost control of my bladder and not even known it. I called the doctor's office and was told I should go to the ER. I was about to drive myself when my coworker insisted on taking me. My husband met me there and by the time I got there I could barely walk without assistance. The doctors did all sorts of test and said finally we will keep you overnight but it is probably an infection that is out of control. 48 hours later at 1 am, a doctor came in and said I had a stroke. I thought I misunderstood her, I am 36 and manage a department at a large rehab hospital that specializes in strokes. How could I have a stroke and not know it? Within 24 hours I had all the telltale signs, my face drooped and my speech was slurred.

I was lucky, 5 days later I came home. I was still insisting I was going back to work on Monday. Reality, it has been nine months later, and a uphill battle, but yes I did return to work. For me accepting that life needed to change was the hardest thing. I remember an elderly women saw me walking in the hall one day, when I said Hello she was crying. I asked her why? She said she remembered a day when she could wear shoes like mine and walk like I did. During my recovery I just kept saying I didn't want to be old yet. To this day I will never wear those shoes again; I have come to deal with that reality. That is ok and life has changed, believe it or not sometimes for the better.

I like to think that my stroke has inspired change in not just my life but my family's life and my co-workers lives. I may live with pain and limitations, but I live life to fullest every day. I make an effort every day to let the stresses of life just pass over me. I live by the motto, "Put it in a bubble, and blow it away."


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