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Stroke Survivor on a Mission

November 6, 2009 -  January 11, 2013
My Emotions Then & Now!

Today I had Vision Therapy it was my second day. I actually started on Wednesday of this week. I was very excited to see some of the therapist there, and not excited at the same time. My feeling are are all over the place some good some bad. Today was a very emotional day for me because I felt like I was going backwards for some reason. I asked myself too many times why do I have to come back to therapy. Although it's for something totally different, and I knew I was just waiting for the appointment I still felt a short coming.

It's been 1 year and 10 months since my stroke, and I have recovered extremely well. While being in therapy, I have learned that your recovery is what you make it. The mind has so much to do with how we proceed and succeed in life. We cannot let others tell us how much of a recovery is going to take place. We cannot allow others to tell us how we are feeling, or if we are feeling anything. Our mind, our body is the testament of when our recovery will be. I had to NOT allow people to decide what I was going to do and what I was not going to do. My excuses were valid excuses yet I felt bad for making them. I no longer allow people to dictate to me if I'm having a good day, or bad day to say it's my emotions. Oh gosh you are so emotional....

Today I was extremely emotional I called my husband 2 times to discuss how I was feeling and why. I had no reason in my mind why I was so emotional. The driver came 20 minutes late so I thought. I got emotional started crying. I was tired, and felt like crap got emotional. My sister wasn't in her office today I was upset and got emotional. It was one of those days. How do I control the emotions that I deal with on a given day? I'm not sure, however I cannot beat my brain up trying to figure out how long these emotions are going to take over.

If you never had any type of stroke or brain injury do not be judgmental. It help us if we had more understanding people in our lives. It helps if our family and friends showed a little more love, and less judgmental. I wasn't sure what I was going to make my topic on so I just went with what was on my heart today, and that's my Emotions.

It's now January 11, 2013

I'm currently celebrating (6) years post stroke, and I must say it's been a challenging experience. I'm proud to say throughout these years of my recovery I've been through so much therapy. I have created a website called strokeoflovewecare to help those that have suffered stroke, caregivers, etc. This site was developed for those that needed someone to talk to, or with anytime of the day or night. Within my recover this site has helped me maintain my sanity, and get through some of the most trying days.

I've also written a few books. My very first book was the ABC's of Brain Education and all my books can be found online at Amazon.

I've also recently graduated from Kean University which is one of my greatest achievements throughout this entire ordeal. My next goal is to complete Grad School, in which I have just been accepted into the Drew School of Theology, in Madison, NJ.


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