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Mikey is a 7 year old boy who suffered a stroke as a toddler and a transient ischemic attack at age 6

Mikey had a stroke as a toddler. He was delayed at standing/walking, has associated reactions in both arms, and was non-verbal until almost 5. He was diagnosed with a-typical cerebral palsy at age 4. In April, 2012, he suffered a TIA at the age of 6. He regressed in speech, fine motor and gross motor skills, and grew increasingly physically exhausted. He's in frequent severe pain due to hypotonia in his legs. He wears afo braces during the day and night splints during the night.

Mikey is an amazing young man who's been through a lot in his life thus far. He's incredibly intelligent and inquisitive and has an amazing heart. We suspect, however are still going through testing, that mitochondrial disease is the cause of his strokes.


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