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Zion W.


Here goes my story - the fateful date was Thursday, June 25th 2009

At seven fifty in the morning, I was already practicing running (I've been a four-timer marathoner-half marathons, in fact!) at the race course, whose circumference is 1.4 kilometers, I did it every other morning.

When I was nearing to complete the second round, I suddenly visualized a distorted vision, before I had time (probably in less than a split second), I blacked out, before which I was running at a speed of some ten or fifteen m.p.h. as an automobile out of control, I fell face down, suffering multiple injuries on my face, (four teeth dangling on the upper side!!!), chest scratch (the runway was pitch, or concrete!!) The elbows (both left and right), knees (also left and right).

Some co-runners kind heartedly dialed 911, and I was stretchered into the ambulance where I recovered consciousness after an unknown lapse of time. I was then rushed to the hospital A & E, received injections to prevent, and stayed bed ridden for several days.

I have been running the marathon (half marathon, 21k) four times, and I may be considered as an able body as far as physique is concerned.

As for diet, my food always included some red meat (8 ounces of rib-eye steak, almost  daily, now that I know is very unhealthy!!!)


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