Isador R.


Monitor Your Stroke Survivor's Condition

My almost 91-year-old father, Isador Rosovsky, had survived several strokes from over 18 years ago (both two major and probably numerous TIAs) but sadly suffered a fatal one while in the hospital in July 2012. Through careful monitoring of his myriad medical problems and medications over the years (and doing our best to limit his stays in the hospital), it was wonderful that he had not had another major stroke in all that time.

But a hip fracture in 2010 created additional complications and the exacerbation of heart, kidney and cognitive problems. He amazingly improved considerably under treatment for Alzheimers, and was out of his wheelchair, improving in physical therapy, going to a wonderful eldercare program at the Samuel Field Y, talking to old friends, and playing music once again (he had been a musician and music teacher).

A return to the hospital for a Urinary Tract Infection led to other complications (C Diff and then sepsis) and although he seemed to be recovering slowly, he had a third major stroke overnight (while sedated to make him more comfortable and help him sleep).

By the time we realized what had happened the next morning, it was too late for the doctors to do anything. He died peacefully five days later with my sister and me by his side.

Please make sure you carefully monitor your stroke survivor's condition repeatedly, to ensure that if they have had another stroke, you can at least try to use the therapies available within the first 3 - 4.5 hours.


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