Denice D.

Healthcare Professional & Survivor

Take Action

As a healthcare professional, I missed important signs and symptoms of a stroke. Knowledge plus action is key to prevention.

In December 2008, my college graduation was 20 years behind me. At the age of 42, I had worked for over twenty years in health care, both as a nursing assistant and a registered nurse. At this time, I was teaching high school, preparing students to enter the healthcare field. During my career, I cared for people who had suffered from a stroke. I observed the changes in patients as a stroke or TIA progressed. I taught students about strokes - the signs and symptoms. It would be accurate to say, I knew a lot about strokes. One day, however, missed the signs and symptoms of an impending stroke, mine. One afternoon, my vision changed in my right eye. I did not think much of this, and it resolved. A week after this, I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.

I had neither a family history nor risk factors, therefore I ignored the warning signs. After months in a hospital and multiple therapies, I was able to return home. I lost part of my visual field, and have left-sided weakness. I want people to be aware of the warning signs, and seek help immediately.


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