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Pops F.

Survivor & Support Group Leader

Four Time Stroke Survivor

My name is George C. Fassett, Sr., but everyone knows me as Pops Fassett. I am originally from Adams Center, NY, born 1951, and in 1997, we left there for Fort Worth, Texas to get out of the snow and for more opportunities. I was raised as a meatcutter, progressing to meat manager-district deli, bakery supervisor and then to district meat manager. I was in that profession until 1993 after a back injury and was told I would not walk again; a year later, I got out of the wheelchair and off the crutches and threw away the cane, changed jobs as I could no longer lift the 2+ tons a day and started at Radioshack. I became a store manager, then senior manager after moving to their home town of Fort Worth, but the stress was unbelievable, and starting in 2008, I had a stroke, then again in 2010, and then two in 2011 and now, I’m on permanent disability. I have attended the Healthsouth Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) therapy twice, once in 2010 and again in 2011, and just graduated from the class and am a volunteer there and class leader.

I am firmly committed to helping others with strokes and acquired brain injuries to find and utilize strategies to overcome their cognitive, emotional and physical deficits to lead a more normal and productive life.

In 2007, I joined a smoking meat forum after purchasing a smoker and am now a Super Moderator on the forum, one of five. The forum is world wide with over 35,000 members, so it impacts a good cross section of populace, and most all are smokers (as in meat), but likewise have risk factors that they aren't aware of that can lead to strokes and ABI's. I recently started a group section on there called YAWYE (pronounced yah-we, the second “y” is silent) after watching a movie from Healthsouth by Richard Senelick, neurotherapist, and asking the class their consensus; mine was "You Are What You Eat," or... YAWYE! And, that is it...you are what you eat, and either enjoy or suffer the consequences of it. My by-line is "Changing to a more healthful lifestyle one-bite-at-a-time!" We are not out to radically change anyone's diet or eating habits, but to advise on more healthy habits and making small changes, getting regular checkups and taking your medications, just leading a more healthful lifestyle a little at a time to keep from anyone else having to go through what I have had to go through! 

Then, about a month ago around my graduation, I started a Facebook page called Stroke Strategies for stroke and ABI survivors and their caregivers to provide an exchange of tips and ideas to help one another share strategies to empower each other.

We only have a few members so far. I'd love it if anyone would want to join too!  

My strokes have all been in the right brain affecting my left side, and of course I am left-handed, so it has affected my writing and typing, speech, mental processes and cognitive skills. I went from 60 wpm to 8 wpm once I was skilled enough to be able to type again, so just this has taken me 2+ hours. I am a big advocate for the Evernote program, having digitized the binder Memory Notebook required to carry everywhere (a Godsend!) to my iPhone, truly portable! I would not be able to perform without it! I can even take pictures of whiteboards and capture them and have them sent back to my home computer so I can type up my notes as I cannot take notes in class. It's too laborious and tiring and keeps me from participating. The program automatically syncs my home computer and wireless phone to act as one! And, the best part - it's FREE!

Last, but not least, find out About Me and the different initiatives I've started.

Thank you for listening and I hope to be able to support and actively help in anything stroke!


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