Doug P.


A New Lease on Life

My father, Doug Pope, had a stroke, received tPA, and had a full recovery over a two-day period

I was fine one minute and the next I could no longer speak. I was on the phone with my daughter so she knew something was wrong. She and my wife rushed me to the hospital where I was delivered state of the art healthcare and survived.

On February 8, 2012, I was at home alone as my wife had an errand to run. My daughter called and while we were talking I became unable to speak clearly. She realized something was wrong but before she arrived at our home, my wife returned and she knew something was terribly wrong. As soon as my daughter arrived they took me to the hospital which was only about 7 minutes away from our home.

Upon arrival at the hospital I was immediately checked in and taken to a trauma room in the ER. The nurses began assessing me and when the doctor arrived he saw I could not speak and was beginning to have right sided weakness. I was taken for a CT scan where it was shown I did not have a hemorrhagic stroke but a clot in one of my vessels. The doctor ordered that I be given the tPA medicine which was administered within the 3 hour time limit but only by a few minutes. Within 10 minutes after the medicine was given I could speak my name and as the medicine was almost all in, I could move my right side. I could not believe I had a stroke. My wife and daughter kept telling me that I had but I had trouble remembering all that happened to me. I was taken to ICU for 24 hour observation and then moved to a step down room for 24 more hours before being released.

I have been blessed in that I have no deficit as a result of my stroke. Three other patients came in the same day as I did and were not as fortunate. They all have weakness and some other deficits as a result of their stroke. They did not arrive in time to have the tPA medicine administered. I believe God still has work for me to do on this earth since He has given me the miracle of life and complete recovery. The fact that I was on the phone with my daughter when the stroke began helped the doctors to know exactly the time we talked so they knew the time frame for giving the medicine.

I am thankful to all the ER staff at Jackson General Hospital, and all those who had a part in my treatment and recovery. Most of all I am thankful to my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me more time on this earth to make a difference in other people's lives.

Douglass B. Pope, Jr.
Jackson, TN


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