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Kristen H.


My wife's story is not the stereotypical stroke story. It all began on September 8,1998 while I was on business in Venezuela. My wife was 31 and teaching a step aerobics class when her students noticed she was missing steps. After being treated by EMS paramedics, she was rushed to Hermann Hospital where she received a diagnosis of a right side ischemic stroke. She had none of the warning signs or risk factors and was in exceptional health. A colleague tracked me down in Venezuela, and I was able to speak with the doctors and decide on a course of treatment. She underwent an experimental treatment using hypothermia to cool the body down and give the brain a chance to recover. She was the fourth person to have this treatment in Houston and, of the four, had the best outcome. The road to recovery was long and painful. The first year she was confined to a wheelchair, but slowly through many months of therapy she began to regain use of her left leg. While she has never regained function of her left arm, it has not stopped her from enjoying life. We have traveled the world, started several businesses, go boating and even had a child. Our daughter was born in October 2003 and has been a true blessing and, as it turns out, great therapy for my wife. She is involved with Girl Scouts, the PTA and all facets of our daughter's life. We have been truly blessed.


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