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Tanner F.


Sunday afternoon, December 7, 2008, our son, Tanner F., at the age of 13, suffered an AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation). He collapsed and became unresponsive, and 911 was immediately called. Tanner was taken to the ER and did not regain consciousness. Thank God, he did not go home and lay down to take a nap. Otherwise, he would not be with us here today. Tanner suffered an AVM Stroke, a three inch bleed in the brain. We were very close to losing him. Tanner was taken to surgery and had a craniotomy in which Dr. Porter had to remove part of his skull bone to get to the brain bleed to stop and remove his "tangle" of abnormal vessels. This was very successful. He came back from surgery with a breathing tube in his lungs, called a ventilator, which was breathing for him because the doctors felt his brain needed to rest to keep the swelling down. He was given several medications to help him sleep so his brain could heal. Tanner's swelling did not go down so they had to do a second craniotomy to relieve the pressure. This was successful. Tanner was put into an induced coma to heal. Once our son started coming back to us, he had to begin the journey to recover. Tanner had to relearn to eat, talk, walk, relearn his math and relearn how to use his entire right side of his body. Tanner's beginning story is on CaringBridge.org.

Tanner is now 16 1/2 and doing great! He goes to high school and works part-time at the local family market. Our amazing helpers who cared for Tanner at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI did a follow-up video on Tanner. 

Tanner was assisted by many EMTs that day in 2008, but there is one that stands out. He saved Tanner's life, and last summer Tanner was able to return the favor! Here is the amazing story from our local news.

Tanner Franson of Mondovi, WI is pretty special in our hearts! He is a true warrior!


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