Mike C.


Mike C. is 52 years old. He has three daughters: Nicole, 26, Amanda, 24, Jaclyn, 22, and an amazing wife, Kathy, who he has been married to for 29 years. On the morning of Thursday, May 7, 2009, Mike suffered a severe stroke while working out on an elliptical machine. Due to the stroke and hemorrhaging, he lost the ability to speak as well as the use of the right side of his body. The days that followed were long and hard on the entire family as the outcome was quite unclear. The neurology team at Robert Wood Johnson notified us that if he were to make it out of this after three days, we would be "out of the woods." Well, he did make it out and was transferred out of CCU onto the neurology floor one week after the stroke on May 14. The swelling of the brain began to go down, and we began to see him make progress. On Wednesday, May 20, Mike was transferred to Kessler Rehabilitation Center in NJ. The nurses that admitted him told us later that they thought he would never make it through rehabilitation, and if he did he would never be able to walk or talk. However, while at Kessler (he spent May‐August there), he made amazing progress daily. Thanks to his incredible strength, perseverance, youth and the love of his family, the effects of the stroke began to diminish. In October 2009, five months after his stroke, Mike walked his oldest daughter Nicole down the aisle for her wedding. Today, Mike is able to walk with a cane (his right side is still very weak, however). His speech is very limited due to the aphasia he has, but he continues to work on his disabilities EVERY DAY. As a former director and leader of a large company, Mike longs to make a connection and an impact again with others. His primary focus is finding a way to seek out other stroke survivors and to share his story. He would be an excellent candidate for Faces of Stroke because he is exactly that. He had the worst stroke imaginable and is not only living, but thriving and learning to manage his condition. Please help my father ‐ a stroke survivor ‐ to live a meaningful life again by helping other individuals who have had a stroke. They should know they will overcome these obstacles and thrive again, and Mike C. can show them how.


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