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Freddie Lee F.


This person was very aware of what it took to stay healthy after being diagnosed with high blood pressure. He steered clear of salty foods and ate all the recommended fresh fruits and vegetables. He would not add salt to foods he prepped at home. He gave up all the ethnic foods he was accustomed to in his early years of life. He had practiced good eating habits for, at least, the last decade. He walked daily and very rarely would ever take a social drink. When he suffered the stroke, it left him paralyzed on his left side. We thought that was so unfair to be judged as someone who ate greasy burgers, or he must have misused his body for that to have happened to him at the age of 59. I want to share the fact that this can happen to anybody. While he was working the day of, he thought his leg was going to sleep. He kept working and tried to shake it off all day. When something comes over your body, a feeling you have never felt, call 911. Time is of the essence. He has shared his story with other young men to try and get them educated on the symptoms of a stroke. He is a survivor, but still has to deal with the stigma that he must have lived a reckless life which in his case was so, so untrue.


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