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Mary C.


After Insurance Runs Out, What Then?

Where can paralyzed stroke patients find help after insurance runs out?

The above photo is a picture of my late sister, she was a nurse, she suffered a major stroke at the age of 42 and lived in a wheel chair until she passed away years ago at the age of 68. She never regained her speech.

Two years ago her daughter, my niece, also a nurse, suffered a Major Stroke at the age of 52. With the help of therapy, my niece regained her speech, her voice is low, however, she speaks very clearly and her voice is getting louder. The feeding tube was removed from her stomach approximately five months ago. My niece was working very hard in therapy and showing progress. Sunshine and rain, her husband drove her a long distance to therapy at least twice a week. She looked forward to therapy. She looked forward to the day when she could possibly walk again. Last Christmas when she was asked what she wanted for Christmas, she answered, "only to walk again."

My niece, work related, insurance had already ran out. Soon, SSI could no longer pay for therapy, they had paid all they were allowed. Therapy is not cheap. She can no longer afford therapy. She and her husband are doing what they can to exercise at home.

I did research online for exercise devices for stroke and paralyzed patients. I thought "Ok, I'll get her an exercise machine" I knew they would be expensive, but, they were much more expensive than I imagined they would be.

Online, I ran across some very helpful devices. Robotic arms and Robotic legs that I believe would help. I ran across an electronic exercise device that fits in front of the wheel chair and works like a treadmill. However, the price for these devices runs between $3000 and $5000. It's worth the price, I just can't afford it and neither can my niece.

I am now saving up money to get some kind of exercise device for her. I ran across one device that could possibly be rented for a deposit of $500 and $300 a month. I am saving and still looking for something, maybe a little cheaper, if possible.

My niece is in very good spirit and she refuses to give up, she is very determined to get stronger and beat this, she is a hard worker. After insurance runs out where does a stroke and paralyze patient turn for help with therapy?


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