Luella P.


Sisters having strokes the same year.

My sister had a hemorrhagic stroke in March 2003 around the thalmus gland.  My stroke was in Sept. 2003. I have a venous angioma that hemorraghed slightly, plus I had viral labyrinthitis.

I read an article that said they would like to know of strokes that run in a family, so I am sharing ours.

My sister was paralyzed on her right side and it affected her speech. She went through a lot of therapy to get where she is today. She can take care of her household but can't drive and do the things she use to. She is my hero, she never let it get her down.

My story is a lot different. Some of the doctors did not think I had had a stroke so I did not get any therapy. I went from Sept. 2003 to Jan. 2004 before any doctor admitted I had had a stroke and it was on the MRI. I also had the labyrinthitis to deal with and stayed very dizzy and had trouble walking straight for about a year. I kept trying to do better and finally can walk pretty straight.

To me this shows there are levels of stroke and even though mine was not as bad as my sisters, I should have had therapy and doctors need to be more aware of these differences.


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