Lisa L.


Please Let Me Live For My Children

At 32 years old  and the mother of 4 small children, I was too young to have a stroke.

I took my husband to the airport at 6:00 a.m. I returned home to get the children ready for school. After taking the children to school, I had planned to return home to get ready to drive to a family funeral about 2 hours away but I remembered that I had a doctor's appointment that afternoon. My thoughts were that it was just a check-up so I could just reschedule. However, we had a dear friend visiting us from out-of-state who I really wanted to take to the airport. I decided that rather than inconvenience him by taking him early, we would just go to an early lunch and then, I'd take him to the airport and then, go on to my doctor's appointment.

I hadn't paid much attention to the slight tingling in a small area on the right side of my chin or to the fact that my right arm was numb from the shoulder down to my elbow and tingling from my elbow to my fingers. My youngest son had slept with me so I attributed all of that to the way the two of us slept the night before.

After the doctor examined me, he told me he was concerned with how high elevated my blood pressure was. I explained to him that I had just flown in the night before from a business trip and didn't sleep very long because I had a full morning of activities. He gave me a pill and had me lie down on my side and rest for a few minutes. When he returned he told me I needed to go downstairs and have an MRI and then, he needed me to go upstairs to see the Neurologist. I wasn't too concerned at this point, I was more concentrated on telling my doctor that I needed to hurry up and get back to my side of town because I had so much to do. I continued to explain to him that my husband was out of town and I needed to pick-up the children. He was very appeasing and assured me that the process wouldn't take long. After the test and the Neurologist examination I was admitted to ICU for 4 days. I don't remember too much once I was admitted because I was so heavily medicated. I do remember listening to the people in the room discussing how young I was to have had a stroke. I thought I was talking but I wasn't. I began to pray and ask God to allow me to Live so that I could raise my children. I pleaded with God to give me another chance to be the mother my children needed. The doctors eventually told me I had suffered a stroke that had affected my right side. It took months for me to learn how to do simple things.

After about a year I was back to my normal self. I try to never take life for granted. I encourage others to never dismiss simple symptoms as I did, and to listen to your body. I had ignored all of the warning signs and was so blessed to have been at the doctor's office when I had my stroke. I could have been 2 plus hours away from home attending a family funeral when I had the stroke and my life would have not been the same.


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