Sally S.


I suffered a massive stroke on September 28, 2002... I was only 34 years old

I have been a runner since I was 16 years old so I was in excellent physical condition. My husband told me that I woke him up around 2 a.m. and told him that I was not feeling well. Within a matter of seconds, I lost my ability to speak and move. He carried me to the car and took me to a local hospital. From there, they airlifted me to Baylor Hospital where they discovered that I had a stroke. I spent three months at the hospital not able to even perform the basic necessities. They couldn't perform surgery because the damage was too deep into my brain. So all we could do is sit and wait.

I was blessed with a great caregiver (my husband). He never gave up on me and forced me to do therapy day and night. He used to say, "Sally I know you can do it because you are a fighter." So with a lot of hard work, I was able to start my live again.

After 10 months I was able to come back to work. After 4 years, I was able to drive myself to and from work!

I know how hard it is... I have been there!


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