Kate C.


Kate is an amazing young woman: a dear friend, proud partner in many wonderful experiences and vibrant leader who inspires and teaches others to do great things. Kate was in the process of applying to grad school in religion and journalism at Harvard, Yale, and Columbia (she was admitted to all of them!) when she had a severe cerebral hemorrhage. The doctors gave her a less than 10% chance of surviving, let alone making any significant recovery. Despite having a second stroke four months after her initial hemorrhage, Kate recovered remarkably and has begun to read voraciously once more, to write letters, cards and emails, and to walk, swim and bicycle. She's also taken up painting, graphic design, making custom clothes, bags and art objects for friends and for sale at http://ktc-cards.com/home. She also appears in independent theatre productions. Kate's activism has never flagged, either; she is a dedicated, energetic and radiant campaigner for a variety of progressive causes, including Reverend Billy's Church of Stop Shopping and numerous other organizations. Finally, Kate dedicates herself to helping others who are struggling with stroke‐related issues by running speech therapy lessons and an aphasia support group found at http://www.meetup.com/aneurysm-81/. In short, Kate has not only demonstrated grace, optimism and resilience in the face of stroke, but has become an even stronger and more generous person who influences the lives both of those around her and of complete strangers!


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