Margaret "Meg" W.


Meg’s story…as told by her mother, Lee Ann: "What a difference 24 hours can make in your life. The day after Meg's fourth birthday, she was playing with her sister and fell over face down in the yard. When we picked her up, she could not hold her head up, so we rushed her to the hospital. You never think of a healthy child having a stroke. One minute, they're perfectly healthy. Seconds later, it's devastating. Of course, we made the choice to come to Siskin Hospital. They did fun things like horseback riding, fun playful things that four‐year‐old little girls do. We really felt like, ‘She is going to get through this.’ Siskin Hospital is a Godsend...a lifeline to us. I will forever be very much connected to Siskin Hospital because this is where her new life began. She graduated from high school, and I want her to one day marry and have a family. You just want your children to be happy."


Meg suffered a stroke at age four. She is now able to live independently and has surpassed what doctors thought possible. While Meg still has some difficulties with her right hand, she is able to do so much and is grateful to have survived a stroke at such a young age.


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