Reed H.


Reed was the charter member of our stroke support group in November 2007. He recovered physically from the stroke he experienced that May, but his aphasia was extremely serious, having no spoken words and limited understanding. He has fought his way from sign language to halting words, regained his ability to drive and stayed busy doing projects in his home. He, his therapist and his wife developed communicative tools to make himself understood at stores and restaurants. He was dauntless in going places by himself and developing confidence that he could make himself understood. Then he branched out to taking trips with friends. Encouraged to become a Stroke Peer Visitor at a local acute rehab facility, Reed was teamed with another stroke survivor and they have become the "Dynamic Duo.” They may visit as many as nine patients in one day and in each room, the survivors gain hope and courage to continue their rehab. Reed and his wife, Mary, have researched countless speech therapy programs, travelling the southeast to increase his speaking abilities. He speaks and interacts with people constantly and is now using phrases, simple sentences and finally able to make himself understood with words. He has helped other aphasics and has become a model for many in and beyond our stroke support group. Reed is one of the bravest and most driven people I have ever encountered. He is an inspiration to all who meet him. No one is quite the same after "talking" with Reed.


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