Donna had a ischemic stroke on January 1, 2005, and she drove herself to the hospital. She was raising a 12 year old daughter by herself at the time in Arizona. Her family was in Pennsylvania.

She had no local support group, and went online looking for a support group and found A wonderful online community for survivors and caregivers. Once there, she was asked to volunteer and quickly became a chief mentor to others. Then she was asked to wear many more hats on site. She has struggled through her adversity with love and hope for others. Meanwhile she worked on her own recovery, getting back a lot of what she lost.

She is left side affected, but can walk now without her brace and cane. Her arm and hand are somewhat functional after receiving botox injections and therapy. She never gives up hope. Her brother moved her back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family for help if she needed it. Her brother just recently passed away, but he was her biggest fan and provided help whenever donna asked for it which wasn't very often. She is a very stubborn and determined lady and is set on doing most things on her own. 

She is a true inspiration to other survivors and is loved by all of them. She is admired for her strength in beating the beast stroke. She has come along way. I met donna before she left Arizona. I was moved to tears to see how well she was doing and she gave me much hope to never give up. She lives in a two story home by herself, and manages to do the cooking, cleaning, and other chores. She is able to get out on her scooter on nice days to go visit her brother. She keeps striving for more recovery, and I know she will achieve it on her own.

Right now, her medicaid benefits have been cut. She is trying to find other help for her meds and the medical transportation she needs for her doctor's appointments. This woman has a true grit. She deserves recognition and so much more. God has plans for her still, and that is why she is a true survivor of a stroke. She is always there for others when they need it.  


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