Caregiver and Family

Our Grandma Sue had a severe stroke late in 2006. Everyday since then, it has been a struggle for my grandparents. Their lives were not the only ones affected that day. When my sister, BriAnn, heard the news, there wasn't much debate over who would care for Grandma. Bri, her husband and daughter uprooted from Florida and moved 1,000 miles to Indiana to care for her. BriAnn cares for our grandma everyday with limited or no help. She went to college for nursing, and her knowledge and actions continue to help immensely with Grandma's recovery. From everyday activities, to the major life changing moments, Bri is right beside my grandparents as they try to regain their quality of lives. That alone is impressive, but she also manages her family, her job and a 4.0 GPA at the university that she attends. She's gone back to college for social work to continue to help others. I can't even express in words what my sister has given up in order to give to those she loves. BriAnn is truly an amazing woman in a time of need.


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