Sara C.


In 2006 I experienced a stroke at the ripe old age of 26. I lost all feeling and voluntary muscle control on my right side, like a line had been drawn right down the middle of my body. After about two weeks in the hospital I was walking "normal" (but hesitant), and all sensation returned except for to my face and hand. It feels like half of my lips are "puffy" and I have Band-Aids on my fingertips.

In addition, I acquired a funny little tremor in my right hand about a month after the stroke, making fine motor tasks even more challenging. Prior to all this happening, I was enjoying an exciting career making television game shows so I was forced to reorganize my priorities, and choose a path that would provide consistent medical benefits and not be hindered by my hand deficits (though I'm a firm believer in neuroplasticity, and work hard every day to incorporate my right hand in all activities).

Realizing that I have my whole life ahead of me, and that many others can benefit from my unique knowledge and spunky attitude, I chose a second career that will truly impact other stroke survivors, and can also utilize my creative experiences from the game show world... Occupational Therapy! After I graduate with my Master's in 2012, I hope to teach others to advocate for themselves and solve problems independently, as well as explore product design to make the world functional for all ability levels.


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