Carolyn S.


I was 39 in 2007 when I had my stroke. I had a spontaneous carotid dissection. I have three kids.  They are now 21, 12, and seven. They are not sure what caused my dissection, but one theory is that when I gave birth to my 12 year old, I had HELLP syndrome, and when I had my seven year old I had preeclampsia (my 21 year old is a step child). When I had my stroke I was unable to speak (expressive aphasia) and I was totally paralyzed on my right side. By the time I left the rehab hospital two months later, I had some limited use of my right side, and I was right side dominate.

A little over three years later and I am now driving, and am still doing physical and occupational therapy. I have participated in therapeutic horse back riding and pilates, among other things. I am willing to explore any option open to me to improve my functioning. I have seen a slow but steady improvement thus far.


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