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Francis M.

Francis M.
Francis M.


As a retired Special Agent of the FBI, I am in my second career as a high school math teacher. I had a stroke on October 14, 2010, minutes before I was to leave for work. I had double vision, was unable to walk by myself, and my speech was garbled. My wife called 911. My left eye was drooped. My blood pressure was 188 over 100.

I was transported to a hospital in New Haven, CT. I had a CAT Scan of the head to see if I was bleeding, and it came back negative. They then gave me an IV insert into each arm in case I needed to be injected with anything. They gave me the drug TPA by IV. I was then given an MRI of the brain - this indicated that I had had previous strokes (this was news to me). I was transferred to the stroke intensive care ward, where I was checked every 15 minutes for the first six hours, followed by checks every half hour for six hours, then every 45 minutes for six hours, followed by every hour for 6 hours. I was checked by the physical therapist and occupational therapist, went for a short walk with them and was told that "I was the healthiest person on the floor." The neurologist and staff there told me that I should be the poster boy for the stroke unit there, because I had no side effects from the stroke.  I was discharged on October 16, 2010.

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