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Megan D.



As an energetic, healthy 33-year-old, I had no warning signs. When I awoke the next morning, however, I knew something was wrong. I was unbelievably dizzy, had a severe headache, and was repeatedly vomiting. After calling 911, and being evaluated by a team of paramedics, I even asked, "are you sure I'm not having a stroke?" I was assured that it was, "just an inner ear infection" and that I should consult my physician if symptoms persisted. After two other misdiagnoses (vertigo and a sinus infection) I visited the emergency room. I was diagnosed with a hemorrhagic stroke, an entire week after the initial symptoms began.

I was surrounded by my family during my hospital stay, and humbly shared a hospital room with a woman who was suffering much more serious side effects and difficulties than myself. Amazingly, I was able to leave the hospital four days later, with no noticeable cognitive damage or physical restraints.  When I had a stroke, I was given the gift of awareness. My stroke allowed me to stop in my tracks and re-evaluate my direction in life, and realize that my path is far from an end point. Today, I fully advocate for my own health. If something just doesn't feel right, I speak up; I know my own body better than anyone else. I routinely visit my neurologist just to check in.

I survived. I am healthy. I am lucky.


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