Holly and Virginia

Healthcare Professional & Survivor

Holly is a devoted speech therapist. Her bubbling evervescent personality warms all those she touches in her work as a speech therapist at Beebe Medical Center. She works in Beebe's outpatient rehab center and works with all our stroke patients after discharge. She leads the Stroke Support Group once a month - she volunteered for this responsibility. She motivates her patients to strive for better outcomes. One patient is a 50 year old nurse with a  large left hemisphere infarct with severe aphasia. She has had speech therapy and cognitive training for the past fifteen months. She is back at work!


In Holly's words -

I was covering at the hospital the weekend Virginia, a nurse, had her stroke.  I asked the hospital therapist, "How bad is she?" and she replied "Counting...one to ten" indicating that she was at the lowest level of language function with only the ability to count remaining.

Now, fifteen months later, Virginia has returned to work as a registered nurse and enjoys her roles as wife, mother and grandmother and I am the proud speech/language pathologist who got to witness her recovery from patient back to health care provider!

Along the way, we read stories, nursing manuals, magazines and current events; organized, sequenced and described; compared and analyzed written and auditory information; sang, cried, complained and explained; told time and completed math facts and best of all, became friends!

Holly, CCC-SLP
Speech/Language Pathologist



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