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Atrial fibrillation, or AFib, affects more than 2 million Americans, including Helmut Huber, the husband of award-winning actress Susan Lucci. When they found out Helmut had AFib, their first question was, “what is it?” His doctor told them AFib is a type of irregular heartbeat that can increase his risk of stroke nearly five-fold, but the good news was that his risk of stroke can be significantly reduced.

From that point forward, Susan and Helmut pledged to learn everything they could to understand AFib and to work with his doctor to manage it. They also work as a team to ensure he’s doing everything possible to reduce his risk of stroke, whether that means attending doctor’s appointments together, researching the condition or asking questions about his personal risk of stroke.

Reducing Helmut’s risk of stroke is important to Susan and they both wish there had been more information available when he was first diagnosed with AFib. In order to help educate America about AFib and increase awareness about the condition and its link to stroke, Susan and Helmut are now serving as program ambassadors for Facing AFib, Get Serious About Stroke™. Through the program, they are encouraging everyone touched by AFib to visit and join them in taking the Facing AFib Pledge to learn more about AFib and discuss ways to reduce AFib-related stroke with a doctor.

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