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Stroke Survivor

Darrien is one of many teenage stroke survivors featured in the Faces of Stroke campaign. His mother knows well that "as a 15 year old boy, life itself can be a challenge. To embrace the teenage years with an open mind and positive attitude is all a parent could hope for. When your child suffers 2 strokes, it’s almost impossible to comprehend. The past year has been an emotional rollercoaster for Darrien and the family. Just like a rollercoaster, Darrien strapped himself in the first cart, with his eyes wide open, and took the ride with all the emotions involved. Like any ride, good or bad, Darrien takes the time to let others know what the experience was." Darrien talks about his stroke experience openly and will his peers, educating them and their parents about the fact that strokes do occur in children. He always includes important information about others can act FAST to possibly save a life (acting FAST by learning to recognize and respond to stroke warning signs by calling 911). Darrien's mother is proud of her son and recognizes that he has swiftly become a major advocate for stroke awareness. As he approaches the one year anniversary of being a stroke survivor, his actions both physically and mentally have matured him, according to his mother, "into that young man that all mothers of teenage boys hope for."


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