Annalisa received multiple nominations to be considered in the Faces of Stroke campaign. Following are excerpts from the many submissions:

It's a very emotional journey to become a parent's caregiver, advocate and still take care of yourself. For Annalisa, that experience started with her dad's first stroke on September 10, 2009. She has been a beacon of light for her father and has tirelessly done everything possible for him, including hiring caregivers, physical therapy, managing his social security benefits. “The list is endless,” according to one family member. To further complicate matters, Annalisa’s father was born in Switzerland, so she has been tasked with fighting for his right to care in the U.S.

Annalisa is described as carrying everything out with “grace and patience,” and she is humble about her role as a caregiver. Despite multiple road blocks and obstacles, she perseveres and has incurred a bounty of knowledge of what it means to help with a family member who has suffered a stroke. “She is a true angel, but she hides her wings well!” said a loved one.

According to Annalisa’s mother, she looks after her father’s health and financial affairs, with much praise from those involved. “Every professional caregiver, health team member, private and public benefits representative she has engaged with has praised her thoroughness and competency in leaving no stone unturned. It's been a Herculean effort.”

One friend one says that Annalisa has, “fought for his care, his citizenship and for her sanity throughout it all. She's an inspiration to others in her circumstance and could so much help in the how‐tos of this. I love her, she's a great friend and she deserves the right to tell her story, she loves her father so unconditionally.”

Yet another loved one says of Annalisa: “She is a rare, devoted and compassionate daughter who never fails her father and never gives up her pursuits on his behalf, regardless of the roadblocks and barriers she encounters.”

Annalisa has created a blog site to aide and encourages others who are on the same path, talking about the benefits of her experience to provide them with insights about options they may not know how to pursue.

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