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“Some people told us my dad would never recover,” said Hilda Rangel. “But from the first meeting, Kathy gave my dad hope and healing. She has helped hundreds of people recover from the devastation of stroke and other life changing conditions.”

As an occupational therapist, Kathy has helped her patients to recover and not just function, but also continue to wonder about life yet to be discovered. People see results right away when working with Kathy. Stroke becomes not just an affliction, but a means to discover the world in a new, if sometimes bewildering, way. People with stroke become invisible if their speech is silenced. So the clinicians must find other ways to engage.

Hilda’s father has sung, gestured, danced, and scored soccer goals in treatment with Kathy. She has discovered and brought out his tremendous physical strength and spiritual stamina. Hilda’s family's engagement with stroke is ongoing, but she says her father is more present to us, and more himself because he has known and worked with Kathy.

“She is the best of all the clinicians and medical professionals we have worked with,” Hilda said. “Medicine was vital and saved my father's life, and we are humbly grateful for his physician's life saving care, but therapy has made it worth living. I am so proud of him, and so grateful to Kathy for her healing hands and generous spirit.”

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