Teenage Stroke Survivor Considers Herself Medical Miracle

TMJ channel 4 Milwaukee

16 year old Maddy Kaat is a healthy, athletic junior at Oostburg High School.  But she had a medical scare on Monday night while at volleyball practice.

"My arm started tingling and the side of my face started tingling," Maddy said.  "The ball just fell through my hands."

The school trainer recommended going to the emergency room, which the Kaats did, but they weren't worried, since Maddy is young and athletic.  Then they got the shocking news: a blood clot in Maddy's brain caused a stroke.

"It was surreal," said Maddy's mom Shelly.  "It's like you weren't even living in it.  It took a good 10 to 15 minutes to grasp what was going on and that we had to flight to save our daughter's life.  We were running out of time."

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